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2021-22 Annual Report | Auction Gifts

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On Saturday, May 14th, nearly 200 members of our community gathered on campus, in addition to dozens more who joined online, to celebrate and partake in our 2022 auction, Around The World: An Evening of Adventure. As you may have guessed, the theme was inspired by Jules Verne’s classic, Around the World in 80 Days and celebrated something that we had all missed during the two years prior, travel. 

For the first time since the pandemic began, we were able to hold the auction in-person and come together as a community. It was wonderful to see our dedicated supporters reunited on campus for what was a wonderful evening in support of our beloved Solebury School. Thanks to a dedicated committee of parent volunteers, the Athletic Center was transformed into an elegant venue where hot air balloons were plentiful. 

An international assortment of food and drink, provided by Emily’s Catering, was enjoyed by all as they were serenaded by Solebury’s Elite Ensemble. The auction featured more than 150 items, including perennial favorites like a custom-made table donated by George Nakashima Woodworkers and the Head of School’s Bourbon Basket. These familiar favorites were joined by new items such as tickets to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and a weeklong stay on the coast of Portugal among others. 

The evening was a tremendous success, raising over $262,000 for Solebury School. A moving moment occurred when the special appeal raised more than $170,000 for Shaping Solebury, Solebury School’s capital campaign. The success of the special appeal was noticeable this past fall as we broke ground on Solebury’s new residence hall, Hope Hall. The new hall is on track to open in the fall of 2023 and will be Solebury’s first new construction since 2007. The additional funds raised at the auction will support many aspects of the school, including student programming, professional development for faculty, and facilities enhancements in the PAC and the Athletic Center.   


° First-year donor
• Five-year donor
*10- to 19-year donor
**20- to 29-year donor
***30- to 39-year donor
****40- to 49-year donor
*****50- to 59-year donor
† for deceased
H for Holmquist Alumnae

Anonymous (17)
Doug Adams and Penelope Patsuris°
Adams Rental
Berj and Suzanne Akian P'22
Richard and Christine Antoneck P'25
Edward and Abigayl Armbruster P'25°
Daniel C. Arnold and
   Linda M. Chaille-Arnold, MD P'20•
David Bader and Michelle Berrong°
Ken and Debbie Baron P'23
Bassetts Ice Cream
Tim Bassler and Marie Lazam-Bassler P'25°
Edwin Beemer '74**
Jane Bell°
Bergey's Electric
Eric Berkowsky '95*
BLBB Charitable
Merrick and Meredith Borine P'21•
Bill and Ann Brady P'13*
Michael Bramnick and Susan Weintraub P'18 '23•
Christopher and Tracy Bray P'24°
Bucks Digital
Bucks Mont Party Rental
Edward Buffman•
Mark and Amy Bunting P'20 '23
Jennifer K. Burns P'19*
Patrick Burns and Doreen Zaldivar-Burns P'23
Adam and Piper Burrows P'16•
Nora and John Buscek P'22
John and Elizabeth Butler P'25
Castle & Associates
Judith and Joe Clark GP'25°
Dan '63 and Patricia Cohen**
Michael Coughlan and Deborah Feiner P'25
Crews Surveying LLC
Timothy and Lisa Daly P'24
Edward and Elba Deck P'15•
Avinash and Meena Desai P'24°
Leslie and Brunda Dias P'18 '23•
Peter and Mindi DiGiovanni
Stephen and Diana Doherty P'23°
Emily Meera Downs '08
Timothy and Jennifer Duggan P'23
Dumack Engineering
Gib Dunham and Kathryn O'Neal-Dunham P'24
William Eastburn and Charlotte Dunham P'22•
Rachel '02 and Dale Emde•
Jason and Noelle Falzon P'24
Ellen and Randy Faulkner P'06 '11**
Eric and Karen Feder P'22
Joyce Feder GP'22°
Steve and Tracy Feld P'19*
Debra and Barbara Fogel P'24°
Jeremy and Cynthia Fogel P'24
YunPing Fu and Ning Lu P'22°
Tim Gallen•
Steven Gardner and Sharon Shinkle Gardner P'26°
Garner Bros. Heating & Air Conditioning•
Andy '73 and Debbie Gespass****
Mark Granville P'12
Robert and Cassandra Hallberg P'20•
Bob and Susan Harrell P'24°
Rob and Nancy Hearne°
Hendricks Appliances & TV, Inc.
Ian Holstrom '08•
Joshua Holtz and Felicia Holtz P'20 '25
Hamid and Cheri Homaee P'06•
Ernest Hood '71****
Ayal and Micki Horovits°
Tom Hunt '74 and Kathrine Motley P'16****
Tom Huszar and Cari Gatto Huszar P'24°
Don and Michelle Jacklin P'24°
Anita Jensen P'24
Christopher and Laura Jones P'25
Kenneth Coleman Piano Tuning
Abigail Klapper '13
The Klapper Family '13*
Klingler Excavation, Inc.
Joseph and Marie Kohles P'23
Steve and Toni Kozak GP'25°
Michael and Lori Lipsky P'21 '23•
Brad Livezey and Moira McClintock P'24
David and Emily Lovely P'26°
Christine Luksza-Paravicini '83*
John Lytkowski and Stacey Roth-Lytkowski P'25°
Jason Manning°
Peter Martino and Dave DiMarchi•
Sarah and Chris May•
McCaffrey's Markets
Eileen McDonnell P'23•
Metcalfe Architecture & Design
Metrocorp/Philadelphia Magazine
Steve Miano and Rosanne Mistretta•
Adam and Terri Miller P'16 '18*
Annette and Irv Miller**
Mandy and Jim Mundy•
Joan and Stephen Mutascio P'08*
Myers Fuel, Inc
Cariann Nelson and Karen Roycroft P'24*
Jonathan and Andrea O'Brian P'17 '19 '21 '24•
Marcus and Deborah Peckman P'24
Joshua Perlsweig '03 and Natalie Hamill*
Dan and Helen Pettitt P'22°
Anthony Porter*
Private Utility Enterprises, Inc.
Mike and Louise Profit°
Marcin and Katie Radzicki P'22
Kevin and Laurie Rakowski P'23°
Kelley Roberts P'22
Lawrence and Barbra Robin P'23°
The Family of Sarah Russo '24
James and Shirley Saltzman GP'25°
Yale and Erin Saltzman P'25
Blaise Santianni and Ramona Romero P'22
Sasowsky Earth Science Consultants, Ltd
Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, LLP
Rapaport Family Charitable Trust
Mark Schmukler and Kaitlin Doyle P'21 '24•
Eric and Robin Schwartz°
Andrew and Marianne Seabert P'22
Carl and Regina Sharpe P'19•
Dan and Lori Silverstein°°
Alison Simpson '71 P'92 '09***
Lynn Simpson***
Andrea Smith P'25°
Somerwood Builders
Jason Spicer°
Annsi Cole Stephano '58 P'77 '78 '81 GP'03*****
Lisa Stephano '81 P'03*
Liza Stillhard '96•
Strom Brothers Architectural Restoration
Geoffrey and Alison Strong P'25°
Diane Sugden**
The Sullivan Family '22
Steven and Karin Swain P'23°
Christine and Larry Thiel
Charles and Pamela Thompson P'20 '22 '24•
Tinsman Bros., Inc.
Holly Victor '89 and Chris Stumpo P'23 '25*
Lesley Victor P'24
James Viner P'25°
Kendra Viner P'25°
Patton Vo°
Aryn and Rebekah Wadadli P'25°
Eric '77 and Susan Wald***
Dick Walsh '52****
Johnathon Proctor and Patricia Warner-Proctor P'19•
John and Gitana Wasserman P'23
Elizabeth and James Wavle P'11*
Wealth CMT
Brett Webber, AIA, LEED AP BD+C '85 P'20**
James and Stacy Wertman
William Wesp and Tiffany Robinson P'24
Tarchar Wilkins '89 P'13•
Dr. Malcolm Wilkinson '70**
Laura and Jody Williams P'24
Thomas and Rebecca Wilschutz*
Russell Witte '07 and Emily Meera Downs '08•
Bing Zhou and Juan Miao P'24
Matthew and Isabel Zisk P'24